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The Roasted Tomato

Dear Guest,

After being in business for 25 years as J.R.’s Green Scene and then J.R.’s Grill and Salad Bar, our delicious restaurant has evolved. You are looking at our new
menu! Your new restaurant is the Roasted Tomato Diner; where your food is “always fresh, always homemade.”

You may be asking why we called ourselves the Roasted Tomato Diner; because our guests are asking, this alone answers the question for the curious. The list of reasons is endless! A common diner has a common name; our diner is a unique contemporary diner preparing delicious homemade meals and some meals that are different and rather unique.

The Tomato consumption in the United States has increased by 30% in the last 20
years. The Tomato is America’s fourth most popular vegetable behind potatoes, lettuce and onions. What kind of food would we serve if we were the Roasted Potato? You guessed it, Potatoes! The Roast in the Roasted Tomato indicates that the food is cooked here and the tomato lets our guests know it is popular and fresh.

We welcome you to the Roasted Tomato. We appreciate and welcome your thoughts and comments. We are starting a guest recipe file of favorite Tomato recipes, be sure to add yours and be part of our success. If we put it on the menu, we will share your glory. Keep in mind, our menu items will be changing with each season. Since we have a commitment to fresh food, let us apologize in advance if there is a time when we cannot serve your favorite menu item.

Our commitment to our guests is to provide fresh homemade meals without any

Thank you for being our guest. We appreciate your support and continued patronage.

Barth Rubin and Staff